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This is a powerful new Digital Process Visual presentation and teaching tool.

The Genee Vision 6100 Visualiser is the perfect solution for classroom teaching, presentations, recording lessons and evaluation. The Genee Vision's powerful zoom allows you to view text documents and 3D objects in the minutest detail. The powerful functions will enhance the way you conduct your lessons, and save time and money with the image and video capture facilities.

Any object placed on the visualiser can be zoomed upto 220 times, a science experiment, a arts session or anything related to nanotechnology can be used in tandem with this product.

The entire experiment can be captured by connecting visualiser with a computer and exported into a movie format.

Key Features

  • 22x optical zoom
  • 10x digital zoom
  • Image capture
  • Video capture
  • Animation tool
  • Split screen
  • Positive/negative
  • Dynamic/static
  • Scroll option
  • Light box
  • Freeze





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Focus in on tiny components, pollen grains, fabric, textures, text.

Share children's work during a lesson for feedback.

Use as a web cam in assembly to enable drama to be visible by all or to capture on video.

Use in music to share words/music to a song.

Share artifacts enabling everybody to see object being discussed.

Share text with the whole class such as a reading book or particular article.

Use in Chemistry to zoom in to view and explain cell structure models or look at crystals.

Use in Geography to share detailed maps.

Use in history to explore artifacts in great detail.

Share pictures/certificates/medals in assembly.