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                     INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS

The Interactive Whiteboard is a fantastically robust digital whiteboard made for Teachers, Pupils, Educators and Trainers in mind.

When connected to a computer and a data projector, the Interactive Whiteboard becomes a large interactive learning tool which will embed ICT across the whole curriculum. Lessons will become entertaining and interactive and students will become engaged and concentration spans will increase.

The Interactive Whiteboard is an integrated solution, combining State-Of-The-Art hardware with leading edge software, creating a powerful interactive teaching tool. The Interactive Whiteboard brings ideas, lessons and resources to life! You are able to write and draw over projected images, annotate in colour, highlight, cut and paste images and capture it all for future use or electronic distribution.

Easy of use

Simply touch the Interactive Whiteboard with the Interactive pen and run all computer functions, such as opening files, running digital video clips, or down loading free content from the Internet from the front of the class so there is no need to return to your computer and lose the students' attention.

Key Features

Educational content software for lesson plan development.

Vast image bank of Educational Images and Interactive Animation.

User-definable soft keys and easy-to-use soft key Editor. The soft keys enable you to instantly launch any pre-selected program or website, for flexibility and a smooth presentation.

The first adjustable wall mount and mobile stand bracket, making height adjustments quick and easy.

Multimedia Pen with choice of disposable battery size.

Brilliant image quality, high resolution 1000 lines per inch.

Designed to bring the benefits of the latest in interactive presentation technology to the class in a Windows or Mac environment, without the need for a lengthy learning process.

Interactive Software allows you to capture written notes, drawings and ideas in colour instantaneously.


Interactive Whiteboards

interactive whiteboards

The interactive whiteboard is great for demonstrations. In the survey, many technology teachers and specialists reported enthusiasm for the board in staff development or computer class to show students how to use a particular application. Because the presenter can run the application from the board, using his multimedia pen like a mouse, it is easy to show the important features of particular software.

The interactive whiteboard is a colorful tool. Research indicates that students respond to displays where color is employed, and marking can be customized both in the pen and in the highlighter features to display a number of different colors. Width of lines can also be adjusted to add flexible marking choices.  

The Interactive whiteboard can accommodate different learning styles. Tactile learners can benefit from touching and marking at the board, audio learners can have the class discussion, visual learners can see what is taking place as it develops at the board.

One-computer classrooms can maximize the use of limited computer access by using the whiteboard. Students can work together with individuals contributing at the board, other participants at the computer, and the group as a whole discussing the activity.