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                     AUDIENCE RESPONSE SYSTEMS

Student Response System / Interactive Voting Pads

Audience Response system is a revolutionary technology in the field of assesments. This is a fastest and easiest way of analysing the performance of students / audience.

It is also known as interactive voting system, audience response system, student response system or interactive learning response system. It is a system through which group participation is promoted during brainstorming session, classroom teaching, debate, quiz or any other discussion. This system consists of a teacher handset, set of student handsets, one receiver (which uses radio frequency technology) and assessment software.

In an interactive classroom environment, the teacher asks a question from the class through his handset and then each student in the class replies back through there personal handsets. The assessment software catches the students' response through the receiver and then generates a report in the form of table, graph, pie chart etc. teacher removes the misconception of the student using the reports These reports can be displayed on an interactive whiteboard, plasma screen, LCD screen or on any projection surface. The teacher can control the way; the report should be displayed through his handset (i.e. the main handset). This system is generally used in schools, colleges and universities for quizzes, exams, tests etc.

ClassComm is a radio frequency wireless interactive voting system from bringing revolution in educational assessment. ClassComm empowers teachers, trainers and presenters to do formative and summative assessment of an audience or classroom response to wide variety of questions formats through GeneePads. ClassComm raises individual’s standards by encouraging students or audience to actively participate in lessons and discussions ensuring students or audience have a grasp of the subject.

It also empowers a Teacher / Presenter to take a survey, anonymous voting etc.

Audience Response Systems can be also used to shortlist candidates for interviews, instead of paper driven tests, gives immediate analysis of result and saves time.

We have a basic version - Pebble Pad (without LCD) and a full version IQ Pad (with LCD). Please download brochure for more information.


Audience Response Systems

          Audience response systems, interactive whiteboards, oscommerce, student response system, voting systems

Also called as Student Response Systems or voting pads. Response systems are great tool for training and assesments.

The setup is quite simple, each partipant gets a handset in his/her hand. There are questions which are designed and displayed through powerpoint on projector. Each participant clicks the choice (A,B,C,D or True/False or multiple mark answers). Once the questions are done, immediately the results can be generated and displayed to the audience. This is the first method by which a teacher/trainer can assess the learning pattern of the participants.

One of the other uses of Response systems is in Surveys. A board room meeting room has lots of important decisions to be taken and recorded, the Audience Response system enables each participant to give their feedback which can be easily used for major decision making/product launches/opinions.

Student response system can be used to gauge students learning in the classroom. Once the teacher finishes the lesson in the classroom, he/she can use response system to have quick assessment in the classroom to measure the understand of each child.